Welcome To The Feast

The Gentleman Cannibal presides over The City from his place at the high table, the centre of all culture and power.

His servant The Waiter attends to his every need, foremost amongt them the procurement of flesh for the evening's feast. His never-ending task is to source the human veal which his master craves. the waiter dreams of escape in the Red Balloon, but a ticket out of The City, when there is no where else to go comes at a high price.

The Theif is a murder poet foundering on hard times, working his way up from the sewers. A seat at the high table of ~The Carnasseur could return to him his lost status. If only he had the money to buy a ticket. If only he could steal the money to buy a ticket...

"All must eat, and I most of all" - The Gentleman Cannibal

The Gentleman Cannibal is the ten plus year old project of artists Jon Hodgson and Richard Dawson.

Hodgson is an artist and 2d painter working in publishing, and Dawson is a sculptor, props and model maker as well as designer for television.

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